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Homeopathic Treatment for Chest Pain by National Homeo Pharmacy.


Chest pain (unspecified) is pain of unclear origin. It is difficult to determine the exact cause of chest pain especially when the pain is vague and lasts for months or year. Chest pain can range from sharp pain to a dull ache. The cause of chest pain can vary greatly, ranging from cardiovascular cause to a musculoskeletal problem.

Costochondritis is a condition that causes chest pain due to inflammation of the cartilage and bones in the chest wall. It occur when there is inflammation at the cartilage joining the rib bone and sternum. It is relatively harmless condition.

Common cause includes:

  • Traumatic injury (accidents)
  • Overuse injury in athletes
  • Infections after surgery
  • Viral infections
  • Usually upper respiratory infections


  •  Pain over the front part of the upper chest (area of the sternum)
  •  Pain usually worsened by the activity or exercise
  •  Coughing


The pain of a heart attack is felt as if its coming from under your sternum and is often more wide spread, while costochondritis pain seems to come from the sternum itself and is focused.


Homeopathy remedies help in treating the tenderness and pain in the chest by reducing the inflammation without any side affects


  • Online consultation fee with medicine for 20 days ......950.00
Q 1.

Did you suffer an injury on your chest ?

Q 2.

Since when have you been experiencing pain ?

Q 3. Where do you feel the pain in the chest?
Q 4. Does the pain increase when you take deep breaths?
Q 5. Have you had any injury to the chest wall?
Q 6. Do you have a cough
Q 7. Do you have a fever
Q 8.

Does your pain or discomfort radiate anywhere?

Q 9.

How long does the pain last without stopping (continuously) ?

Q 10.

Which of the following gives relief in your chest pain?

Q 11.

What makes your pain get worse?

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