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Homeopathic Treatment for COUGHby National Homeo Clinic.


A cough may be acute, subacute, or chronic depending on how long it lasts. Acute coughs last less than three weeks and usually are caused by the common cold or other infections such as sinusitis or pneumonia. Subacute coughs last three to eight weeks which still remain after  respiratory infection is over. Chronic coughs last more than eight weeks and can be caused by gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD), postnasal drip from sinus infections or allergies, or chronic lung conditions such as asthma, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), pulmonary fibrosis, and interstitial lung diseases.

Start treatment by answering the following questions to get best possible consultation for your treatment


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Q 1.

Do you have any expectoration during cough ? (anything coughed up mucus in mouth)

Q 2.

Do you have asthmatic cough ?

Q 3.

Do you have barking type of cough ?

Q 4. Your cough starts after fever
Q 5. Your cough seem to come from deep down
Q 6.

Difficult to expel out mucus / phlegm 

Q 7.

Your belching excites cough

Q 8.

Explosive cough with very loud sound

Q 9.

Painful to cough, feel pain in chest during cough ?

Q 10.

Intermittent cough

Q 11. Suffocating cough
Q 12.

Full tension in chest during cough

Q 13.

Do you feel very exhaustive during or after cough ?

Q 14. Forcible cough
Q 15. Hacking cough
Q 16. Hoarse with cough
Q 17.

Rattling cough

Q 18.

Do you have cough for very short and intermittent period ?

Q 19.

Whistling or hissing

Q 20.

Cough starts after raining

Q 21. Cough starts after exposure to cold dry air
Q 22. Please tick the types of mucus/ phlegm (you can choose more then one)
Q 23.

Do you suffer from chronic cough ?

Q 24.

Do you have cough with expectoration green mucus ?

Q 25.

Do you have cough with sound loss but no expectoration ?

Q 26.

Do you feel cough which is dry, spasmodic with stitches (Pain) inside of chest ?

Q 27.

Do you have very explosive cough

Q 28.

Do you cough with rawness and soreness in chest ?

Q 29.

Do you suffer such type of cough where small lump of mucus fly form month ?

Q 30.

Do you have dry cough with sneezing ?

Q 31.

Do you experience such type of dry cough where it starts as soon as the head touched the pillow ?

Q 32. Please tick the following symptoms of your cough (you can select more then one)
Q 33.

Do you have cough, which is caused by dry cold wind ?

Q 34.

Do you have cough which is caused by wetting in rain ?

Q 35.

Does your cough starts from tickling in throat or from dust early morning?

Q 36.

Do you suffer that type of cough where large amount of mucus in the branchy (chest) is present but difficult to expel ?

Q 37.

Do you suffer from cough which is short and dry ?

Q 38.

Do you experience cough which is exceeds by laughing ?

Q 39.

Do you suffer cough with large expectoration of gelatinous vicid mucus looking like boiled starch ?

Q 40.

Do you have a whooping cough which is long lasting and spasmodic cough ?

Q 41.

Do you have deep sounding hoarse barking cough ?

Q 42.

Do you have cough which goes worse by warmth, drinking, singing, laughing and after midnight ?

Q 43.

Chronic cough with chest pain, must support it with hand during coughing

Q 44. Cough only during day time
Q 45. Cough relieved by lying down
Q 46. Cough better by eating
Q 47.

Cough starts when any part of the body is uncovered

Q 48.

Croup cough after exposure to dry cold

Q 49.

Such type of cough where child grasps the pharynx, face pale and cold

Q 50.

Dry teasing cough will tickling in throat pit

Q 51.

Child grasps the larynx, face pale and cold during cough

Q 52.

Whooping cough, child loses breath turn pale and blue

Q 53.

Suffocative cough with crying children,worse around midnight

Q 54.

Does your cough goes worse by talking or reading aloud ?

Q 55.

Does your cough goes worse in evening ?

Q 56.

Does your cough settled by drinking cold water ?

Q 57.

Mucus like the white of an egg

Q 58.

Is mucus sweetish and salty ?

Q 59.

Do you have yellow green mucus

Q 60.

Do you have green  and salty mucus ?

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