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Homeopathy Treatment for Urinary Incontinence by National Homeo Pharmacy


This is the most common problem in old age. Unintentional passing of urine is very embarrassing you can’t hold your urine whenever you think to pass urine. Thinking for maturation can’t hold otherwise it passes out. In homeopathy, it works effectively.

Common types of urinary incontinence

Most people with urinary incontinence have either stress incontinence or urge incontinence.

Stress incontinence

Stress incontinence is when you leak urine when your bladder is put under extra sudden pressure - for example, when you cough. It's not related to feeling stressed.

Other activities that may cause urine to leak include:

  • sneezing
  • laughing
  • heavy lifting
  • exercise

Urge incontinence

Urge incontinence, or urgency incontinence, is when you feel a sudden and very intense need to pass urine and you're unable to delay going to the toilet. There's often only a few seconds between the need to urinate and the release of urine.

Your need to pass urine may be triggered by a sudden change of position, or even by the sound of running water.

Causes of urinary incontinence

Stress incontinence is usually the result of the weakening of or damage to the muscles used to prevent urination, such as the pelvic floor muscles and the urethral sphincter.

Urge incontinence is usually the result of overactivity of the detrusor muscles, which control the bladder.

Preventing urinary incontinence

It's not always possible to prevent urinary incontinence, but there are some steps you can take that may help reduce the chance of it developing.

These include:

  • controlling your weight
  • avoiding or cutting down on alcohol
  • keeping fit - in particular, ensuring that your pelvic floor muscles are strong

Healthy Weight

Being obese can increase your risk of developing urinary incontinence. You may therefore be able to lower your risk by maintaining a healthy weight through regular exercise and heaithy eating.

Why Homeopathy?

  • Safe
  • Very fast result
  • No side affects


  • Online consultation fee with medicine for 20 days ......1250.00

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