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Homeopathic Treatment for Leukorrhea by National Homeo Pharmacy


Leukorrhea or is a thick, whitish or yellowish vaginal discharge. There are many causes of leukorrhea, the usual one being estrogen imbalance. The amount of discharge may increase due to vaginal infection or STDs, and it may disappear and reappear from time to time. This discharge can keep occurring for years, in which case it becomes more yellow and foul-smelling. It is usually a non-pathological symptom secondary to inflammatory conditions of vagina or cervix.

Leukorrhea may occur normally during pregnancy. This is caused by increased bloodflow to the vagina due to increased estrogen. Female infants may have leukorrhea for a short time after birth due to their in-uterine exposure to estrogen. Leukorrhea can also be caused by sexual stimulation.


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Start treatment by answering the following questions to get best possible consultation for your treatment

Q 1.

What is your age?

Q 2.

Since when have you been suffering from leucorrhoea?

Q 3.

Do you experience any back pain?

Q 4.

Does the discharge have an offensive smell?

Q 5.

Does the discharge occur before periods?

Q 6.

Does the discharge occur after periods?

Q 7.

What color is the discharge?

Q 8.

Do you feel itching in your private parts?

Q 9.

Is there a backpain during the discharge?

Q 10.

Is there any rash outside the private parts?

Q 11.

During discharge your pain is

Q 12.

Do you feel very exhaustive and upper limbs heavy, difficult to raise them?

Q 13.

Do you experienced leucorrhoea in place of meuses between periods?

Q 14.

Do leucorrhea which is acrid excoriating occur in gushes day and nights?

Q 15.

Leucorrhoea which is thick and ropy hanging like string

Q 16.

Leucorrhoea green brown offensive

Q 17.

Do you feel lethargy and weakness?

Q 18.

Do you feel heaviness around abdomen region?

Q 19.

Do you have such type of discharge which is very profuse, running down the thigh?

Q 20.

Do you have discharge which occurs only at night?

Q 21.

Do you experienced such type of leucorrhoea which is watery?

Q 22.

Do you have leucorrhoea which is like white of egg?

Q 23.

Physique type

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