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Homeopathic Treatment for Piles by National Homeo Pharmacy


Pile is another term for hemorrhoids. Hemorrhoids are collections of inflamed tissue in the anal canal. They contain blood vessels, support tissue, muscle, and elastic fibers.

Fast facts on piles:

Here are some key points about piles.

  • Piles are collections of tissue and vein that become inflamed and swollen.
  • The size of piles can vary, and they are found inside or outside the anus.
  • Piles occur due to chronic constipation, chronic diarrhea, lifting heavyweights, pregnancy, or straining when passing a stool.

Haemorrhoids, also known as piles, are swellings containing enlarged blood vessels found inside or around the bottom (the rectum and anus).

Symptoms do occur, they may include:

  • bleeding after passing a stool - the blood is usually bright red
  • itchy bottom
  • a lump hanging down outside of the anus, which may need to be pushed back in after passing a stool
  • a mucus discharge after passing a stool
  • soreness, redness and swelling around your anus

What causes haemorrhoids?

The exact cause of haemorrhoids is unclear, but they're associated with increased pressure in the blood vessels in and around your anus.

This pressure can cause the blood vessels in your back passage to become swollen and inflamed.

Chronic (long-term) diarrhoea can also make you more vulnerable to getting haemorrhoids.

Other factors that might increase your risk of developing haemorrhoids include:

  • age - as you get older, your body's supporting tissues get weaker, increasing your risk of haemorrhoids
  • being pregnant - this can place increased pressure on your pelvic blood vessels, causing them to enlarge; read more about piles in pregnancy
  • having a family history of haemorrhoids
  • sitting down for long periods of time



  • Online consultation fee with medicine for 20 days ......1250.00

Start treatment by answering the following questions to get best possible consultation for your treatment

Piles are classified into your grades please select the grade which you have after reading the types.

Grade 1: There is small inflammation usually inside the lining of the anus. They are not visible.

Q 1.

Do you have Grade 1 type of pile with itching and burning?


Grade 2: Piles are large than grade 1, but also remain inside the anus. The (Hemorrhoid) may get pushed out during the passing of stools. But they will return unaided.

Q 2.

Do you suffer with grade 2 type of pile where small growth is felt inside the anus and pain during passing of stool with itching and burning ?


Grade 3: These are also known as prolapsed hemorrhoids and appear outside the anus. You may feel them hanging from the rectum but they can be easily re inserted

Q 3.

Do you have grade 3 types of piles?


Grade 4: The hemorrhoids can’t be pushed back in and hangs like bunch of grapes. Their size may vary from small to large. They are very sensitive and painful. They remain outside the anus.

Q 4.

Do you have grade 4 type of piles?

Q 5.

Do you feel hard painful lump around the anus?

Q 6.

Do you experience pain during the passing of stool?

Q 7.

Do you have any pain in the anal region?

Q 8.

How often do you bleed from the rectum?

Q 9.

Excessive bleeding during passing the stool?

Q 10.

Every time blood in large quantity.

Q 11.

Do you have chronic painful bleeding piles?

Q 12.

Do you have chronic bleeding piles without pain?

Q 13.

Do you have hemorrhoids (small nodule type mass around the opening of anus) like a bunch of grapes and feeling of constant bearing down?

Q 14.

Do you feel swollen around anal region?

Q 15.

Generally pain or worst pain.

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