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Myths And Facts

Myth: Homeopathy Is An Unproven Science

Fact: Homeopathy is based on empirical evidence and pharmacological data. Homeopathic medicines have been exclusively researched on for their competence in varied evidences.

Myth: Homeopathic Medicines Are Sugar Pills And Don’t Really Possess Any Medicinal Value.

Fact: The white sugar pills do not have any medicinal value of their own, but act as vehicles for alcohol-based medicines. The effect of Homeopathic medicines has been observed and well researched on infants and unconscious patients. Homeopathic medicines can be consumed directly or by dissolving in water. Homeopathic medicines have been researched on since ages all over the world by renowned scientists and have been found to be effective on a wide range of diseases.

Myth: Homeopathy Is Very Slow To Act.

Fact: Truth of the matter is that people come to a Homeopath after they have exhausted all other options of treatment. They have a lot of symptoms which get suppressed over time due to the usage of other methods of treatment. When they start with the Homeopathic treatment, that suppression needs to be brought out before the cure can be started for the actual disease. To uproot the disease from its very depth, time is a necessasity. On the other hand, there are cases in which Homeopathy is blazingly fast to react. It all dependends on the underlying disease.

Myth: Homeopathy - A 'magic remedy'

Fact: Homeopathy is a complete system of medicine in itself. But it has it's limitations and cannot treat cases that require surgical intervention.

Myth: Dietary Restrictions For Homeopathic Treatment

Fact: Some patients might be asked to avoid certain foods and beverages, and things like onions, garlic, coffee, tea, tobacco, alcohol etc, as the cosumption of these foods might interfere with the action of certain Homeopathic medicines.

Myth: Homeopathy Is Only Useful In Chronic Cases and Does Not Have Much Effect On Acute Ailments.

Fact: Homeopathy acts rapidly in acute conditions and is very effective on infections, cold, cough, allergies, sinusitis, loose motions, headaches, tonsillitis, stomach pain and many recurring ailments. When every other method of treatment fails, people often turn to Homeopathy with their prolonged ailments getting into an uncontrollable stage. After constant allopathic treatment, any illness could become chronic. Using Homeopathy from the very begining helps in reducing the recovery period. But to answer the myth, Homeopathy is equally effective for both acute and chronic ailments.

Myth: Homeopathy Cannot Be Used For Diabetic Patients.

Fact: Homeopathy can definitely be used in the treatment of diabetes. The main focus is on the functioning of the pancreas producing insulin at right intervals and amount. Patients who are insulin dependant are advised to continue using the insulin while also starting Homeopathic treatment side by side. After few months, when the blood sugar levels are found to be in control consistently, the patients are weaned off the conventional insulin replacement treatment.

Myth: All The Medicines Are The Same White Pills. Are They Effective?

Fact: A Homeopath selects a remedy based on the symptoms of the patient. Every Homeopathic medicine is prepared in alcohol for further dispensing. This mother alcohol is then used to medicate either the white powder called 'lactose powder' or the white pills called 'sucrose pills'. These pills and the powder act as a medium for the transport of medicine from the alcohol to the inside of the human body.

Myth: Are There Really No Side Effects Of Homeopathy Medicine? How Does Homeopathy Work?

Fact: Like any other medicine, Homeopathic medicines must be used with utmost caution. For chronic ailments, careful consumption with proper analysis and consultation by a qualified Homeopath is required. So, Homeopathic medicines have no side effects if taken according to the expert's advice.