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Why Homeopathy

Conventional Medicines prescribed for most ailments have the propensity to help only temporarily and lean towards suppressing the disease or its symptoms, rather than cure them. ex: If you suffer from nasal allergies, drugs which suppress your immune response to those allergens will be prescribed. Similarly, a child or adult suffering from 'Allergic Asthma' will be given bronchodilators and immuno-suppressants.

We need to recognize that a person gets afflicted by a disease due to an inherent tendency (disposition) to develop that disease. Not everyone exposed to allergens or cold drafts develop allergies & colds respectively, and nor does every child exposed to humid weather and pollution develop asthma.

This inherent disposition to develop certain diseases is a part of your constitution. As homeopaths we stress on treating the person as an entity (constitution) and not the presenting condition as a stand-alone disease. Your temperament, likes/dislikes, past medical and family history, genetic predisposition etc, which make up your constitution, indicates the homeopathic remedy capable of curing your ailment.

When a person's constitution is homeopathically treated not only can the expressed disease be resolved immediately, the tendency (disposition) to develop that disease can also be minimized. Therefore, when an allergy is homeopathically treated the medicines help by relieving the immediate symptoms of the allergy (sneezing, fever etc) as well as improve our innate, immune response to the allergens. Overtime, you will resist those allergens and environmental factors without the use of medication.

In short, If you are

  • A victim of chronic problems
  • Suffering from long-lasting ailments
  • Affected by repeated relapses & remissions

And probably Tried conventional remedies which ONLY

  • Help temporarily or superficially
  • Produce unwanted side effects
  • Weaken our immune system
  • You need to... Opt for Homeopathy

Homeopathic medicines can

  • Boosts your body's natural healing response
  • Will not suppress your immunity
  • Will help by avoiding any side effects
  • Can reduce and prevent relapses
  • And is safe for children & infants